Get your message out!

Whether you’d like to add basic crawls or multimedia presentations in multiple locations to your existing SD or HD television systems, VM4 from Message Composer lets you reach your customers with professional multimedia results.

The Message Composer VM4 is an affordable and easy to use HD messaging system designed for the broadcast and non-broadcast market. This leading edge solution enables you to transform your digital television systems into powerful multimedia communication displays.

Text messages, crawls, images, and more can simply be created and scheduled to play in one or multiple locations. Its solid-state platform is designed to reliably deliver your multimedia messages and is easy to remotely manage and expand for growth.

Customizing your screen is easy with VM Composer, the intuitive yet powerful software for Message Composer MV4-HD devices.

Create unique advertisements for your events, products or services. You can import any of your own jpeg images as well.

Create your own professional smooth scrolling crawl lines with hundreds of banner backgrounds to choose from as well as fonts, colors and place them in any position on the TV screen with three different sizes and seven different speeds.

Place live TV, movies or any video source in your desired size pane. Or you can create and play MPEG movies as well.